Enlargement of The Prostrate And Ayurvedic Treatment

The prostate gland is one of the parts of male genital organs. According to ayurveda it is located somewhere in the space near the urinary bladder. The chief function of the prostate is to secrete a liquid matter very much similar to semen. According to ayurvedic medical notion during years the gland begins to enlarge keeping in parity with the advancement of age. When a man is young he may feel no problem in the prostate gland but as the age advances the growth of prostate also starts keeping in same pace. Sometimes the growth of the prostate causes no problem as the grown is a mere benign growth. In this condition the total gland is enlarged and causes pain and trouble. In case of infection or malignancy the enlargement of the gland poses acute trouble.

In ayurvedic philosophy the male prostate gland may be enlarged with the advancement of age. But to some patient there is no problem at all. Actually the enlargement is caused following the process of ageing in due course. The moment the gland is enlarged in an abnormal way the patient feels problem while urinating. He feels the urge but cannot pass urine as the gland blocks the part of the bladder. The common symptom according to ayurvedic practice of medicine is the urge to urinate in the day time many times. Even at night the patent feels like going to the bathroom every now and then. When the urine starts the patient feels a certain pain and irritation. A burning sensation is frequently felt. Gradually there is total suppression of urine and blood oozes out with urine.

According to ayurvedic treatment the patient of benign prostate enlargement is prescribed Shilajit with milk. As Shilajit is sure to generate heat it is better to apply it during winter season. People living in the cold climates pose no problem to take even three times daily. For the patient of the warm climate once daily dose in small quantity at night is enough. It depends on the ayurvedic physician whether he will prescribe Shilajit in crude form or in the form of combined preparation. The patient has to continue the treatment for a couple of months and he cannot stop the medicine after his will. The practitioner’s initiative is vital in this regard.

The ayurvedic diet is totally based on milk, ghee, butter and garlic. Sour and fried things are strictly prohibited.